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Branding for Therapists Done YOUR Way

Having a quality brand doesn't have to cost a fortune.

As a busy therapist with little to no training in design, you CAN create a fantastic brand without spending thousands! This course is for you if you want to create a beautiful brand for your business, but the feelings of overwhelm or your lack of knowledge on the subject are getting in the way. We get it because we've been there ourselves: you care about getting it right the first time, and you don’t have $10k+ to risk on a branding agency where you're not even 100% sure they can deliver what you need. This course is exactly what you're looking for.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You're on a budget.

    Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't create a brand that you are absolutely proud of.

  • You don't have time to waste.

    You're a busy entrepreneur who knows that every moment counts. You don't need the history lesson. You need a concise course that focuses on the most essential elements of branding so you can get it done now.

  • You want an easy step-by-step plan.

    No guessing games or unnecessary fluff. This course will lay out the exact plan for you to create all the elements you'll need for your brand.

What You'll Get:

  • Everything you need to create a logo, brand color palette, typography, brand voice, mood board (Value $2000+)

  • Individualized support whenever you need it from Therese & Bernie (Value $1500)

  • Guide: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Small Branding Owners Make (Value $49)

  • PDF: Defining Your Values (Value $24)

  • PDF: Identifying Your Ideal Client Avatar (Value $24)

  • PDF: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch (Value $24)

  • PDF: Brand Voice Worksheet (Value $24)

  • PDF: Choosing Your Fonts (Value $24)

  • PDF: Creating A Simple Logo (Value $24)

  • $3693+ worth of content and support ALL FOR ONLY $249. (Average savings of $5-$10k compared to using a brand agency!)

What people are saying

"DIY Your Brand In A Weekend was exactly what I needed in order to brand and market my new business."

Dr. Sunni Lampasso, PsyD, BCBA-D

"As a Psychologist and Professional Coach, DIY Your Brand In A Weekend was exactly what I needed in order to brand and market my new business. As a result of this course, I have developed a clear understanding of my company's values, mission, and ideal client. I would highly recommend that anyone planning to go into business take this course prior to developing your logo, website, or social media accounts."

"This was exactly what I needed to build my own brand without having to pay a ton of money up front. I would highly recommend it to anyone starting out on their own!”

Samantha Newton, Therapist

“DIY Your Brand In A Weekend was amazing! I’m planning to start a therapy practice from scratch with zero design or marketing experience. This training explained everything I needed-from defining an ideal client, to finding your brand voice, to creating a visual style guide-all with clear, concise tips, worksheets, and real-life examples. The mix of videos and worksheets provided me with the content and inspiration I needed to build a mood board and logo that I can be proud of. I feel so much more ready to tackle this next career goal! Most brand/logo designers charge in the thousands to build a brand, so this training was exactly what I needed to build my own brand without having to pay a ton of money upfront. I would highly recommend it to anyone starting out on their own!”

"I had been trying to work on my brand but I didn't know where to start."

Mailen Ramirez, Photographer & Videographer

"This course is simple and easy to follow. I had been trying to work on my brand but I didn't know where to start. Now I understand the story of my brand and exactly where I want to go with it. I feel like now I can have fun with my brand instead of struggle."

"Dr. Therese has a gift for teaching and bringing people together."

Dr. Zoe Shaw, Psychologist, Host of Redefining Your Superwoman

"All people can benefit from Dr Therese's sage advice"

Dr. Diane Strachowski, Founder of Back to Love Doc, Relationship Expert

Avoid Costly Mistakes

You’ll get the success blueprint we wish we had!

We'll teach you everything we’ve learned (including the many mistakes we've made creating our own brands and overseeing the rebrand for a multi-million dollar business) so that you can create a well-executed, professional-looking brand in no time.

Fast & Simple

We've thought of all the details so you don't have to.

We will go over everything you need to do, step-by-step, from beginning to end. We’ll focus on what’s effective and simple. And we’ll be guiding you with video, lots of visuals and examples, and concept-focused worksheets to support your creative process, because we know that as a busy small business entrepreneur, you don't have a minute to spare.

Time to level up.

Your work deserves to be taken seriously.

No more "just making do." It's time to play in the big leagues and give your business and brand the time and attention needed to win you the clients you've been dreaming of. We know you can do this, so what are you waiting for?

Course Features

  • Professional Video Lessons

    Engaging, fast-paced video + subtitles (that you can pause anytime) with plenty of real world examples to make what you are learning as relevant and easy to absorb as possible.

  • DIY Style Guide Template

    A simple and easy drag-and-drop style template to help you create your first style guide.

  • Ongoing Support

    You won't be doing this alone. Ask the instructors questions anytime, night or day. Get answers fast.

  • 9 PDF Worksheets

    To support your creative process including how to identify your "why" and ideal client, guide to selecting typography, colors, and much, much more.

  • Real Life Case Studies

    We'll make the concepts of branding come to life through the use of actual brands you're already familiar with.

  • Free Bonus

    PDF: The 5 BIGGEST Branding Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Course Outline

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Getting Aquainted

    • Introduction (Welcome | About Your Instructors | What To Expect In This Course)

    • Course Objectives

    • Setting Intentions

  • 2

    Module 1: Why Branding Matters

    • 01 Why Branding Matters

    • 02 Basic Vocabulary

  • 3

    Module 2: Building Your Story // Concepting

    • 10 Questions To Defining Your Why

    • Define Your Values Worksheet

    • Identify Your Ideal Client Worksheet

    • Feelings Wheel Worksheet

    • Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

    • 01 Introduction to Module 2 and Overview

    • 02 What is your Goal?

    • 03 Finding Your Ideal Client

    • 04 How do you want your Brand to Feel?

    • 05 Psychology and Survival Needs

    • 06 Finding Your Elevator Pitch

  • 4

    Module 3: Understanding A Visual Style Guide

    • Brand Voice Worksheet

    • 01 Introduction to Module 3 and Overview

    • 02 Understanding a Visual Style Guide

    • 04 Brand Voice

    • 03 Brand Mission

    • 05 Instructions on Brand Voice Worksheet

    • 06 Logo

    • 07 Typography

    • 08 Color

    • 09 Photography

    • 10 Extras

  • 5

    Module 4: Creating YOUR Visual Style Guide

    • Audience Testing Questionnaire (Print and ask 2-3 of your ICA's to complete after showing them your initial mood board)

    • Choosing Your Colors Worksheet

    • Choosing Your Fonts Worksheet

    • Creating a Simple Logo

    • Module 4

  • 6

    Module 5: Putting It All Together

    • Putting It All Together

    • Style Guide Testing Questionnaire (Again, to be printed and given to your ICAs to complete)

    • Exit Interview

    • Testimonial

Your Course Instructors

Therese Mascardo

Dr. Therese Mascardo is a Filipina-American Licensed Clinical Psychologist, founder of the LA Digital Nomads, and CEO & Founder of Exploring Therapy, a wellness community that helps people build a life they don’t need a vacation from. She has been featured in HuffPost, Women’s Health, POPSUGAR, & Vice, to name a few. Berkeley educated, Dr. Therese shares her knowledge in mental health, entrepreneurship, and community building, to inspire people to create more healthy, free, and connected lives they love. She has extensive experience in branding including leading a rebrand for a $10 million business. Her experience, many mistakes, and passion for branding inspired her to create her signature course, "DIY Your Brand In A Weekend". Her hope is to help her fellow small business entrepreneurs create quality brands for themselves without making the same mistakes she did.

Guest Instructor

Bernie Dickson

Bernie Dickson is a professor at Chapman University in the Graphic Design department specializing in Typography and Color Theory. She also runs a small design company called “Our Friends Inc." and is co-creator and co-owner of an LA-based popsicle company called Mom & Pop Shop. She has also served as a Creative Director for Smarty Social Media, a marketing agency. Bernie is passionate about helping new companies find their unique brand. She has created for brands such as Amy Jo Martin LLC, Invisalign, Tofurkey, Bark Inc., Justice Rising, and IFC (The Independent Film Channel) name a few.

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  • What if I have no design experience whatsoever?

    This course is for students with little to minimal design experience. We will provide you with specific apps and step-by-step instructions to create your brand without needing an expensive design program.

  • Is this course just for therapist or doctors?

    This course is designed for folks who were us 10 years ago - small business owners who care about creating a high quality brand but don't have the budget to spend thousands. Since Therese *is* a therapist, if you're a therapist you can trust you'll be in good hands. This could is ideal for anyone who needs a brand on a budget and is okay doing some of the work themselves if they know what to do and the tools to use.

  • How long does this program take?

    Obviously this will vary based on each student's unique needs, but this course is designed to get you everything you need to create your brand from scratch in a weekend.

  • Can I really create a brand on my own?

    Well, first of all, you won't be on your own! We'll be there to guide you every step of the way. And absolutely yes you can! We'll show you every tool you'll need to design your brand yourself. If you do decide to get help from a designer for more advanced design work, we'll teach you how to communicate your ideas effectively so they get the job done right.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    You'll have lifetime access to the course! So, you can buy the course now and begin whenever you're ready.

  • How much is the course?

    Course contents value over $3693; you can get everything included today for just $249.

$3693 Value

Available now for just $249.00

  • $249.00

    Includes lifetime access to the course, all videos, worksheets, and individual instructor support!

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